Direct Action

Tactical solutions for specific problems.

Plektron’s solutions eliminate roadblocks and keep management focused on business execution.

Direct Action Projects

Demand Planning and Procurement

Manual spreadsheet and traditional ERP approaches fail to adapt to rapidly changing demand and supply chain constraints.

Manufacturing margins and BOM accuracy

True costs and profit margins for SKUs are unknown and business needs foundational cost accounting disciplines and improved reporting.

Integration Playbook

The company struggles to integrate acquisitions and reporting is siloed and slow.

Audit readiness

Prepare for first audit, react to negative opinion, or move from cash to accrual basis accounting.

App Strategy

The app opportunity within the business is unknown or attempts at app implementation have failed to produce desired outcomes.

ERP Optimization

Identify and exploit opportunities while leveraging existing investments and avoiding business disruption.

Fund-level Cybersecurity Protocol

Security breaches have occurred, and remediation is disorganized. The level of cyber risk within the PE portfolio is unknown.

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