IT Strategy Assessments

Mid-market IT is characteristically reliant on people and manual processes interacting with disconnected technology products. This arrangement reaches an inflection point when aggressive institutional money and a roll-up strategy are added to the mix. Key man risk, disparate systems, inaccurate and unavailable data, downtime and security breaches pose major risks to the business and its growth strategy.

Plektron’s IT Strategy Assessment focuses specifically on solving for process first, then people, and finally technology. Identifying the right levers to pull unlocks value creation and innovation while solving for the major risks to the business.

The Plektron Approach

1 Understand

  • Theory of Firm and Market Position
  • Operating Model
  • Investment Lifecycle
  • Specific Objectives or Challenges

2 Evaluate

  • Strategy
  • IT Human Capital
  • Information Systems
  • Operational and Transactional Process and Maturity
  • Infrastructure/Security

3 Identify

  • System Fragility
  • Security Vulnerability
  • Optimization Opportunities
  • Market Disruption Potential

4 Plan & Execute

  • Transform Insights into Incremental Execution Plan
  • Deliver Turnkey Solution
  • Manage RFP Process
  • Rapid Implimentation
  • Deliver Measurable Value