Plektron creates business transformation strategies.

We produce a business transformation roadmap. Then we execute as an extension of management—unlocking value, limiting risk, scaling, and innovating.

We assess six areas:



  • Innovation & Business Transformation

    Drive market leadership and enable continuous improvement

  • Reporting & Data Capabilities

    Empower people with information and manage data assets

  • Core Applications & Services

    Enable effective processes and fully instrument the business

  • IT Governance & Operations

    Disciplined execution to ensure reliable performance and project execution

  • Infrastructure & Security

    Stable and secure with investment calibrated to required service levels

  • IT Team

    Effective leadership and optimal combination of internal and external resources

Problems we solve

  • No senior technology executive

    Business transformation is critical, but management team doesn’t include technology focused business partner.

  • Failed projects

    There is a lack of confidence in IT stemming from years of unmet expectations, breaches, and downtime.

  • IT is primarily reactive

    IT spends most of its’ time on unplanned work (firefighting) instead of proactively addressing business needs.

  • Inefficient back office

    Expanding costs and headcount due to obsolete processes misaligned with current business needs.

  • Inaccurate or delayed reporting

    Performance reporting lacks accuracy and timeliness because of error-prone manual data gathering processes.

  • ERP no longer adequate

    The business is considering a costly and time-consuming major ERP modification or replacement.

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