Operators & Advisors

We are not just a technology consulting firm, we are strategic advisors and operators accelerating operational maturity across finance, operations, data, customer experience, customer acquisition and technology.

Proven Record

Plektron helps clients in manufacturing, logistics, SaaS, healthcare, business services and more.

Roles held in private equity backed companies including CTO, COO, CFO, business development, software development and analyst.

100% of our PE fund partners have engaged our services in multiple portfolio companies.

How Plektron Helps

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Portfolio Challenges Plektron Approach
Technology adoption is driven by IT and operational issues Align technology roadmap to investment goals Create and execute technology plans to maximize value with the investment thesis and lifecycle goals in mind from the start
Technology companies are eyeing your industry Become the disruptor Build IP and become the technology platform your competitors need to look out for
Deployment of multi-year, million dollar core system changes Drive incremental digital transformation Start digital transformation with one high pay-off process, then repeat incrementally every 30 to 45 days until tranformation is complete
Problem solving defaults to adding more technology and people at the end of processes Solve for root causes Map out processes and identify key problems to solve which will have cascading positive effects throughout the organization
Overpurchased cybersecurity solutions fail to address fundamental risks Leverage IT maturity for cybersecurity Make foundational infrastructure investements to do IT well and improve security posture
Reliance on “the super IT guy” to make everything work Remove key man risk Adopt ITIL (think GAAP but for the IT world) to turn IT into a process-focused and proactive operation
IT overextends across all domains resulting in mediocrity Find your focus Outsource non-differentiating IT and identify the right domains and partners