of the CFO

Plektron delivers financial insight and control.

In 6 weeks or less, we produce a roadmap to financial insight and value. Then we partner with CFOs and equity to deliver financial control and back-office transformation.

We assess six areas:

Insight and


  • Performance Management

    Focus the organization on strategic execution

  • Predictability and Control

    Forward visiblity and ability to react to changes

  • Business Intelligence and FP&A

    Empower people with information and build analytical capabilities

  • Transactional Maturity

    Instrument the business and enable business intelligence

  • Systems and Data

    Optimize systems to accomplish business goals

  • Team and Accountability

    Effective leadership and organization design

Problems we solve

  • Need to hire/upgrade CFO

    Assess incumbant and/or recruit a CFO based on needs assessment.

  • Unpredictable results

    Financial control and predictability must be created through forecasting discipline and control processes.

  • Inadequate financial reporting

    Existing reporting provides limited insight into KPI drivers or isn't timely enough to make a difference.

  • Cash/working capital challenges

    Need to bring control and forward visibility and identify leverage points for improvement.

  • CFO lacks bandwidth to execute

    We can engage directly on specific projects as a force-multiplier for busy CFOs.

  • No confidence in margins

    Need to understand product and customer contribution margins before driving rationalization or improvement.

  • Need for performance managment

    Need to build KPI reporting and implement accountability and incentive processes.

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